4 Eco-Friendly Must Have Travel Items For Jet Setters

20th Sep 2018

Being sustainability-minded while traveling can be challenging. Most travel itself produces a huge carbon footprint, and not all destinations are eco-friendly. These four sustainable items are perfect for the eco conscious traveler.


Made of Cordura fabric, these Matador’s reusable travel bottles are five times lighter and nearly four times more compact than their silicone counterparts because the container size adapts to content volume. TSA-approved and waterproof, the bottles can be filled with liquid soap, gels, shampoo, toothpaste, and more. It’s also leakproof: no more spilling soapy liquid in your suitcase. Plus, it is long-lasting, so you can use it again and again.


House of Marley headphones are some of the most eco-friendly headphones available on the market. Crafted with only earth-friendly materials - including cotton, canvas, bamboo, recycled plastics, recycled metals, and FSC certified woods; making them unique and sustainable in every way. Whether you are listening to music, enjoying in-flight entertainment, or catching up on your favorite tv show, these headphones and the included recycled fabric carry case fit easily inside your bag or carry-on. The packaging is even recyclable, as well as the aluminum used in the headphones.

The organization also gives back to the community and the environment. Every pair of headphones sold supports One Tree Planted’s reforestation efforts, as well as 1Love, a global movement dedicated to supporting youth, planet, and peace.


Our own Travel Towels are ideal for a plethora of activities. It’s a beach towel, it’s a yoga towel, it’s a surf towel, it’s a travel towel . . . and it’s made using certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. We design stylish, sustainable towels to be hyper durable, lightweight, and quick drying so you can take them just about anywhere with you.


Not all eco-friendly shoes are created equal. Patara an environmentally friendly brand based in San Diego, makes style-forward shoes that are a cut above the rest. Both dapper and cleverly constructed, perfect for style minded eco conscious jet setters.

All of their shoes are made with organic cotton fibers, jute outsole bumpers, and insoles which are lined with a natural cork layer. Cork is a waste from Cork trees. The shoes are handmade in Thailand, all workers are paid a living wage.