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 Sustainable Fabrics  


70% of a company’s environmental impact happens at the raw material level. We are on a mission to produce sustainable, conscious beach towels, responsibly sourced & with the planet in mind.


Built to provide sophisticated style and unparalleled performance.



As ocean lovers, we couldn’t be happier to produce our towels from post consumer recycled plastic, both from the perspective of quality and environmental impact. There is no sacrifice to the overall quality, look, feel or performance. So you’ll be enjoying your sustainable beach towel for many summers to come.



Our nylon is 100% regenerated from certified post-consumer recycled plastic, including discarded plastic bottles. This waste destined for landfill or to spend years wreaking havoc on wildlife in our ocean is instead processed into superior quality nylon so we can bring you conscious beach towels.





We produce our products in the most sustainable way possible, and only partner with manufacturers who also share this philosophy. 


Our Commitment


On a mission to become the most responsible towel company in the world by delivering high-quality environmental beach towels for travel, adventure & lifestyle.


Packaging & Labelling


You can be sure that when you purchase a towel from us, you’re also investing in environmentally friendly packaging which are all 100% recycled FSC certified material.


Your Salty Locals beach towels will arrive in a compostable packaging. Single-use plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources and inevitably end up in landfills or polluting the environment. We also used 100% recycled paper for all our labels and packaging.